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Virtual Kids College comes to you!

We are excited to announce our Explore Computer Science Programs! We know your youth are anxious to connect with other youth and actively engage their minds this summer – all while having fun! To help you with this, we teamed up with Black Rocket to provide a series of opportunities for your kids to explore their computer science curiosity this summer. Here is what you need to know…​

  1. Monday through Friday, one-week online programs.

  2. Morning and afternoon options.

  3. A variety of program options every week starting June 7 through August 23.

  4. Immersive activities guided by live, online instructors.

  5. Moderated Virtual Room for youth to engage with the instructor and interact with the other participants.

  6. Register HERE on the Black Rocket Site

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WHO: Any Youth 8 to 14
WHAT: Online, Live Educational Computer Science Programs
WHEN: Weekly starting June 7 through August 23
WHERE: Online!


REGISTRATION FEE: $159 per Course (some include $10 additional fees)
DEADLINE TO REGISTER:  Friday Prior to Each Course Start Date

Technical Requirements

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Overview of technical requirements and more HERE.